Na forum BMW wywiązała się…

Na forum BMW wywiązała się dyskusja o Tesli i odezwało się kilka osób które zakupiły ostatnio Model 3 Performance. Coraz więcej posiadaczy BMW przesiada się do konkurenta, wyjaśniają dlaczego. Dla znających podstawy angielskiego od trzeciej wypowiedzi:

Long time BMW (~20 years) enthusiast here. … I currently have an E36 325i with track suspension setup and a E82 135i with Performance Suspension upgrade and many M3 suspension part upgrades. The 135i is tuned and is a beast especially with the upgraded suspension setup.

I was in the market for a new car and cross shopped between the M2 Competition and either latest or upcoming M3 and the Performance Model 3. Well, I test drove the Performance Model 3 and was just blown away. The hyper-low center of gravity and low polar moment of inertia (just a frunk where a heavy engine would be) and insanely quick, smooth and silent acceleration just threw a curve-ball to everything I knew about sport sedans & performance cars. Especially one in this weight class. The car is simply a beast and absolutely out performs anything BMW has to offer today. After a few days of taking it up my favorite mountain twisty roads with very spirited driving I’m absolutely convinced of this. I would most likely need to go to a Porsche Cayman to beat the handling aspects of this car but even that wouldn’t have the instantaneous power & torque of the Performance Model 3.

It was hard to leave the BMW family (I was initially certain I was going to go for the M2 CS) and enter the unknown of Tesla startup and build quality issues, but frankly the product is just too good and wouldn’t leave my mind and eventually I decided I had to have it.

Order was placed and now having lived with it for a couple of weeks I’m more impressed than ever. I can say I was very hesitant on the ultra minimalist interior but now I absolutely love it. For me this is very much an iPhone moment – when a new product suddenly makes everything else seem outdated and old.

I have a lot of BMW enthusiasts in my social circle, go to BMW CCA events. I give out demo rides to anyone that asks. One of my friends who is just as long of a BMW enthusiast (and volunteers as a driving instructor for our local BMW CCA) was so impressed he ended up ordering a Performance Model 3 and now selling his M3.

My 2011 135i which I absolutely love (esp. with suspension work) will be going up for sale soon. I’ll be keeping my E36 325i (for now) when I feel like driving a stick shift but I have a feeling it may not end up getting much use.

Tesla has a ways to go in the customer service, delivery, and production parts of their company. Especially right now, they are having major growing pains. But I can say, the car is phenomenal and so far has been worth the hassle of the current delivery process and the bit of risk I’m taking with service and potential issues of a new car model.


Co do wnętrza auta:

I initially hated the interior direction when the car was introduced. At my test drive, I agreed I could ‚live with it’ given the phenomenal performance and handling of the car. Now weeks in, I can not imagine having anything else.

The interior is distraction free and clutter free. Leaving you to focus on the driving experience and road. It clears your head in a similar way to sitting at a cluttered messy desk vs. a clean and clear one.

The closest analogy is like using an iPhone and then going back to legacy phone. It’s amazing how quickly the interior of my BMWs suddenly feel old.

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